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Type of role

Part Time

Pay range

£7.60 - £8.60

Minimum hours


About the role

Our Baristas live and breathe the brown stuff. They care deeply about the coffee they make and constantly strive to ensure every cup they make is as good as it gets. They balance their time between serving the perfect cup, doing whatever it takes to deliver a dazzling customer experience and keep their shop (and themselves) beautifully clean and tidy. In between all that... talking coffee, coffee, coffee. Coffee's craft that can never be mastered, and our Baristas are coffee connoisseurs whose passion for developing their craft is insatiable. 


My Responsibilites ~ What I do

The main things that I'm accountable for in my role.

  1. Efficiently crafting and serving high quality beverages to customers' orders. Never forgetting to amaze our customers with your Latte Art.
  2. Keeping my shop beautifully clean and tidy. From coffee equipment, the counter, tables, windows, toilets and potwash. I keep it all spick and span. And myself perfectly fresh and groomed too.
  3. Assembling customer orders including food and drink. Taking orders and payments if need be. Making their day with a freebie from time to time.
  4. Proactively chatting to our customers about our coffee credentials, other products and retail. Ably answering their questions.
  5. Sparking conversation with our customers to get to know them and their preferences. Turning customers into regulars and even friends.
  6. Playing my part in having a happy team and a thriving local community. Giving feedback to Hooligans and mucking in to support community events.
  7. Using Hangout to stay up to date with whats happening at Harris + Hoole and sharing ideas and knowledge with other hooligans.
  8. Ensuring I am compliant to all things Health & Safety incl Fire, COSHH, RIDDOR


Strengths ~ How do I do it

The strengths I use to deliver upon my responsibilities.

  • Authenticity:   Being comfortable being myself at work. Balancing informality and the real me - with professionalism to put people at ease.
  • Customer Passion:  Focusing on delighting our customers. Always putting myself in the customers shoes.
  • Doer:  Never needing to be told what to do. Spotting what needs to be done and rolling up my sleeves to get on with it.
  • Energiser:   Bringing positivity to work to lift the mood of everyone. Playing my part in creating a happy work environment.
  • Growth:   Being hungry to learn more. Pushing the boundaries of my potential and championing my own development. 
  • Maverick:   Always full of ideas and trying out new things in order to do it better. And welcoming suggestions and change from others.
  • Ownership:   Holding myself accountable for getting stuff done. Always being honest and owning up to successes and failures.
  • Synergy:   Collaborating with others to achive our shop goals. Giving feedback to help people be their 'BestSelf'.

About us

Harris + Hoole are a new generation of coffee shops bringing an artisan approach and quality coffee to the high street, alongside our other amazing teas, hot chocolate and fab food! Our shops reflect the local communities we serve and we strive to deliver exceptional coffee, from happy people!

We know that when our people are happy, and brilliant at what they do, life is so much better for everyone. They delight our customers. They do amazing things. They love their work. So it makes sense to us to create a place where people can be happy and brilliant. The best version of themselves. Their "BestSelf".

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