Shift Leader

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Type of role

Full Time

Pay range

£8.10 - £9.10

Minimum hours


About the role


Lead a Slick Shift:

Lead a slick shift on the shop floor to deliver a better kinda different coffee experience. From briefings, to deployment I’m a Ninja when it comes to shift running.

Keepin’ it REAL:

Making sure I always delivering a REAL customer experience, and my team are too. Handling customer complaints as they arise.

Support People:

Help my team grow, and be happy with tons of FRESH Feedback, help them play to their strengths with deployment and don’t forget to grow myself!

The H+H Way:

Act as a guardian for the H+H way, Hoole about us, My Shop and Hooligans are safe, clean, secure + legal. Always.

Shop Plan:

Helping my Assistant Manager and Shop Manager improve my shop by bringing weekly focusses to life on shift.

Fuse + Hangout:

Use Fuse and Hangout to stay up to date with everything Harris + Hoole. Sharing my ideas and knowledge with other Hooligans.

The Essentials:

Work with my Manager to maintain an organised back office by keeping on top of admin + ensuring data, scheduling, ordering + cash are 100% accurate.


Live + breathe Hoolagenetics, our values + strengths, in everything I do. And inspire other Hooligans do the same.


The strengths I LOVE to use to deliver upon my responsibilities. And inspire in others.


Lead authentically, with a vision. Know my role in the team. Be myself - with confidence. Always intelligent with emotions.


Empower others to grow and do for themselves. Set expectations. Tons of FRESH Feedback. And tough love.


Be part of a kick-ass team. Create strong relationships. And an environment of support, trust + feedback.

Business Think:

Share my ideas with my Manager. Engage Baristas for their ideas and run sales orientated shifts.


Get stuff done by being brilliant at the basics. With an eye for detail and plenty of planning, prioritising + delegating to keep it slick.

Customer Passion:

Look the part, and walk the walk when it comes to customer passion. Nothing’s ever too much. I love customers as friends.


Set an energetic tone for my Shift. Being committed to the shift I’m running and get things done with pace + intensity.


Champion my own development. Be curious to learn. Hungry for feedback. And improve all the time.

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