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Our Shops

Working in one of our shops, you’ll be part of a team that builds a thriving, local community of coffee-loving, Harris + Hoole fans. You’ll be expected to put the customer first in everything you do, to be accountable to your team and to come up with fresh ideas about what we can do that’s new, better and smarter. Here are the roles that come together to form a perfect Harris + Hoole shop team:

Barista Initiates

Our Baristas (coffee makers) live and breathe the bean. There are two types of Barista at Harris + Hoole: Barista Initiate and Barista Pilgrim. Our Barista Initiates speedily master the craft of serving high quality beverages and become experts in latte art. Continuing their craft journey to the next level, our Barista Pilgrims refine their Barista skills and knowledge with a focus on brewing techniques & theory, sensory skills, basic machine maintenance and coffee agronomy. Coffee's a craft that cannot be mastered, yet this never stops our Baristas from becoming true coffee connoisseurs with a passion for developing their skills. ​

Shop Managers

Our Shop Managers champion our vision of Great Coffee + Happy People. Given our support and guidance, they’re tasked with building a successful business, a winning team and a local community around their shop. We have huge expansion plans and need Shop Managers who are keen to develop their skills and grow with us.

Assistant Managers

Our Assistant Managers wear a variety of hats. Whether it’s organising and guiding the team, coaching others to be their 'BestSelf', opening and closing a shift or rolling their sleeves up to get stuck into serving and delighting our customers – their role sits at the heart of a successful shop. Our Assistant Managers support our Shop Managers to cultivate a happy team and do all that needs to be done to deliver a great coffee experience to our customers.

Hooligan House

Based in Central London, we have a team of people who make sure everything works smoothly behind the scenes so we can deliver the ultimate coffee experience in our shops. Whether it’s working with our supplier partners, managing the pennies or developing our people, our Hooligan House team is an integral part of every coffee we serve. Some wear suits, some wear jeans - anything goes. 

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